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Promoting Social Inclusion through EU Citizenship
The Downpatrick Twinning Partnership (UK) along with seven other European partners implemented a series of network of town’s themed meetings to explore the policy area of social inclusion with an aim to promote greater social inclusion through European Union citizenship.

Partners participating in the project included:

●  Downpatrick Twinning Partnership (UK);
●  Ceutí Town Council (Spain);
●  Listowel Downpatrick Linkage (Ireland);
●  Jelgava Local Municipality (Latvia);
●  The Mountain Community Association Iezer Muscel (Romania);
●  Szekszard Town Council (Hungary);
●  Michalowice Municipality (Poland); and
●  Mayor of Bezons (France).

The themed meetings brought together experts working in the policy area of social inclusion, from across all the partners, to examine how citizens could engage in the European Union (I) by promoting greater EU citizenship for youth, older persons, disabled people, socially disadvantaged and Roma people.

The project aimed to examine how the Citizens programme help encourage the target groups to engage more fully at local, national and EU level and thereby promoting a more socially inclusive active EU citizenship.

Each meeting looked at best practice and new innovative ways to encourage greater active citizenship and participation in the EU by the target groups.

The themed meetings, while promoting social inclusion itself and the benefits of the EU and citizenship to the target groups, also aimed to explore and understand why the target groups do not currently participate in EU programmes and feel more a part of Europe.

The themed meetings created synergies between social inclusion policies ensuring coordination at EU, national and local activities aimed at the target groups, with an aim to secure their active participation in EU citizenship and subsequently other EU programmes. A final report was produced at the end of the project which outlined the best practice and key actions to promote social inclusion through town twinning.

Media and online dissemination and info activites were organized:

–  Social Inclusion Best Practice Publication and Action Plan  –

–  Promoting Social Inclusion report site  –

–  Promoting social inclusion by European citizenship - final report  –

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