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CMIM - Comunitatea Montana Iezer-Muscel, com. Godeni, Pitesti - Arges
CENSE Project
Circular Economy from North to South Europe 2020
The Local Councils’ Association together with other 6 EU countries (Italy, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Netherlands, Sweden) are starting the implementation of the CENSE project in the framework of the Europe for Citizens Programme.

The project focuses on the establishment of a network of “Towns in transition towards a Circular Economy” addressing the challenges related to their own model of growth, oriented on an environmental sustainability and stressing the reuse concept, as a common European vision of future development.

The project will present to local citizens’ communities all the opportunities the European Union offers for sustainable growth and development.

The first meeting was held in Malta in October 2015.

This cooperation is dedicated to the regional dimension of the European Citizenship that means: providing adequate communication and information on the Union, building synergies of the use of different EU funds, and mobilizing citizens to debate on European matters, make policies more understandable and linked to everyday life.

Through the course of the project a series of conferences, local forums, experience exchanges, workshops and meetings will be held in seven targeted countries from the region, through the following main components of activities: 1) network coordination and management of activities; 2) network capacity building; 3) awareness raising and visibility actions; 4) exchange of good practice among the region countries; and 5) research and analysis.
CENSE Project launch in Malta
The first meeting of the new EU funded project CENSE was held on 5th – 7th October 2015, in Malta.

Representatives of local and regional authorities and civil society representatives from Malta, Italy,Netherlands, Croatia, Sweden, Romania and Greece discussed about the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The participants discussed the challenges they are facing with regards to CO2 emissions, they presented their best practices and strategies into the behaviors of citizens and inside the development strategies of the decision-making process.

The meeting was organised in the framework of the project CENSE- Circular Economy from North to South Europe 2020, funded by the European Union, through the Europe for Citizens Programme. The project is implemented by the Local Councils’ Association.
What is circular economy?
The traditional model of economic growth – a linear economy (resource extraction – product making – waste disposal) – leads us to a multi-dimensional impasse : In 35 years, the volume of resources extracted increased by 65%… and over 50% of this volume are non-renewable resources (source: OECD)

The European Union now imports over six times the amount of materials it exports (source: EEA).

The generalization of the current European lifestyle would require between 2 and 3 planets.

The prices of raw materials have increased by almost 150% between 2002 and 2010; and provides, in 2030, 3 billion middle-class consumers (source : World Economic Forum).

Strategic commodities (such as gold, silver, indium, iridium, tungsten, etc. ) are becoming scarcer and most are usually found concentrated in a few countries: for example, 97% of rare earth elements, essential for wind turbines, low-energy light bulbs or hybrid vehicles, are found in China (source: Institute of urban Planning and Development / Île-de-France).

In parallel with GDP growth, there has been a growth of waste, harmful emissions (including CO2), public debt, and poverty and social inequality.

The traditional model must therefore be replaced with a circular economy model aiming at closing the loop of resources and reducing the environmental impact of the product life cycle at all stages of the process (production, distribution, consumption).
Moving towards a circular economy
European Commission will present an ambitious circular economy strategy in late 2015
The Commission presented a new, more ambitious circular economy strategy late in 2015, to transformEurope into a more competitive resource-efficient economy, addressing a range of economic sectors, including waste.

The proposal is fully aligned with the priorities of the new Commission. The Commission is engaged in a thorough reflection on how the objective of circular economy can be reached in an efficient way that is fully compatible with the jobs and growth agenda.

The new strategy includes a new legislative proposal on waste targets, taking into account the input already given to us during public consultations, and by Council and in Parliament, in particular the comments made by many that the previous proposals needed to be more country-specific.
2-nd Meeting of the CENSE Project – Varazdin, Croatia
Promoting reduction of waste management in EU
The 2nd event within CENSE Project took place in Croatia between 18th to 20th November 2015.

The main topic of the event was reduction of waste management. All partners presented their own situation with regards to waste management and the best practices they implement in order to reduce waste in their country.

During the public event various local stakeholders from public administration and NGOs attended and expressed their interest in the topics especially in ways of maximizing the level of circular economy by improving the waste management system.

The city of Varazdin is the first city in Croatia to introduce primary waste selection in 2003.
Ready to contribute to our Project?
We are launching a competition on circular economy!
The winner will participate to the final event of the project which is going to be held in Romania. You can send us your ideas on how to implement circular economy actions in the cities, homes, schools etc. The best idea, evaluated by each partner of the project is going to be awarded with a trip for one person to the last international event in Romania and to present his/hers idea during the final conference.

Media and online dissemination and info activites were organized:

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3-rd Meeting of the CENSE Project
Italy, 2015 April 1st
4-th Meeting of the CENSE Project
We are facing a unique challenge to work together on a new future: Make Cense! It is this challenge which formed the inspiration for the international conference “Make Cense”, held on june 7th in the municipality Peel en Maas in the Netherlands. The municipality Peel en Maas is one of the 7 partners in the European project “Circular Economy from North to South Europe”.

The conference was powered by the European for Citizens Programme of the European Union, COS Limburg, DuurzaamDoor, municipality Peel en Maas, GLOEI, Lijnspel en ZERegiO. With their passion for circular economy they bring pioneers, experts, developers and local initiatives together.

Media and online dissemination and info activites were organized:

5-th Meeting of the CENSE Project
CENSE WG meeting in Greece - September 2016
Work in progress for the next meeting to be held in Greece, next September from 21 to 23th in the Municipality of Neo Propontida, to talk about the experiences of European municipalities, related to Energy Efficiency and positive impact for citizens, about environmental and socio-economic aspects. EGTC EfxiniPoli, partner of Cense project, will host the meeting. Available the conference proceedings.

Media and online dissemination and info activites were organized:

Agenda 21-23 September, 2016 SEAP province of Syracuse Borella B&W
6-th Meeting of the CENSE Project
Sweeden - January 2017
7-th Meeting of the CENSE Project
Romania - 19-22 April, 2017
In line with the international debate on the necessary transition from a linear to a circular economy, SVI.MED Euro-Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development, promoted a project following the success of the past editions of different seminars held in Europe about the Theme: “Towards a Circular Economy with Zero Waste”.

The project CENSE “Circular Economy Network from North to South Europe” has the main aim to share concrete proposals and best practices which are in line with the European Commission Communication “EU action Plan for the circular economy” (COM (2015) 614).

The last meeting of the CENSE project will be held in Romania, in the city of Campulung, from 19/22 April 2017, and there partners will formalize the Memorandum of Understanding so that CENSE network commits itself to enhance a stable collaboration mechanisms in order to strengthen sustainable growth in the European Countries, foster job creation and support inclusive socio economic development.

More information about the meeting: HERE

CENSE network carries on activities with the objective of directly or indirectly influencing the formulation or implementation of sustainable policies and the decision-making processes of the EU institutions; The enlargement of the CENSE network is opened to all cities interested to cooperate in a broader sense and interested to explore new pathways for a transition to a real Circular Economy.

The CENSE project is funded by the program “Europe for Citizens – Network of Towns “and it is composed of a partnership with partners from Malta, Sicily, Croatia, Sweden, Holland, Greece and Romania.

The project focused on the development of a network of cities moving towards Circular Economy with the aim to promotes the exchange of “best practices” and successful experiences in the field of Circular Economy, in order to share the Roadmap towards a resource-efficient Europe also through the implementation of the Action Plans for eco-innovation.

More information: About CENSE
CENSE Report - 30 August 2017
Mass-media appearances

●  Oaspeti din sase tari europene la conferinta internatională gazduită de Comunitatea Montana Iezer Muscel;

●  CMIM Arges la intalnirea CENSE pe tema gestionarii deseurilor, în Suedia

●  A.D.I. Servsal a castigat concursul CENSE cu proiectul „Compostul, solutia din gradina ta”!

●  Delegatie a ADLA condusa de Leonard Soare, la intalnirea internationala CENSE din Grecia

●  Un nou proiect european pentru Comunitatea Montana Iezer Muscel
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