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CMIM - Comunitatea Montana Iezer-Muscel, com. Godeni, Pitesti - Arges
BET on EU - Project
Balkans and Europe Together
Steering Committee meeting:
Action 1 – Active Citizens for Europe

Measure 1 – Town Twinning

Measure 1.2 – Networks of twinned towns

Duration: 01/05/2014 – 30/04/2016
City of Subotica, Serbia

Municipality of Osijek (CRO)

Municipality of Revenna, (IT)

Municipality of Erd (HU)

Muscel Iezer Mountain Community Association (RO)

International Platform for Citizen Participation (BG)

Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (UBBSLA), (BG)

Municipality of Knjazevac (TO BE)

Municipality of Zavidovici (BIH)

Wolverhampton City Council (UK)

Municipality of Cremona (IT)

Municipality of Odorhellen (RO)

Municipality of Bijelo Polje (TO ME)

Municipality of Niksic (TO ME)

Municipality of Kiskunhalas (HU)

Municipality of Kumanovo (MK)

Municipality of Aerodrom (MK)

Municipality of Novo Mesto (AND)
Methaphor of the BET:
The project concept is a metaphor of a bet.
Firstly, to be successful it is critical to know the rules of the game (how EU institutions, policies and the enlargement process functions)
Secondly, it is crucial to consider the resources and what you are willing to invest to the bet (the EU project)
Finally we need to decide what to bet on.

●  Each country, and hence each partner will participate in the action contributing its own experience, history, values and cultural features.
●  This joint process will make citizens reflect and debate on the impact of the EU on their daily lives and contribute to the improvement of EU policies.
Objectives and outcomes of the Project:
● The principal objective of BETonEU is to build relations and cooperation between EU and Balkan towns.

● One of the main outcomes is to establish a long-lasting and permanent network of local authorities, including civil society, strongly committed to the constant improvement of democracy and participation in the EU and the Balkans

● Giving citizens the opportunity to interact and participate in constructing a tighter-knit Europe

● Developing a sense of European identity

● Raising awareness, reflection and debate on the relevance and implications of EU policies on citizens’ daily lives

● Increasing awareness, understanding and enjoyment of the values, rights and opportunities created by the EU

● Fostering reflection on the cost of non-Europe

● Promoting Citizens’ engagement and participation in issues which constitute the European Union’s political priorities
Expected impact of the Project:
● Increased knowledge of citizens, local authorities and civil society about EU enlargement

● Increased citizen participation in EU matters

● Raised citizens awareness on EU policies and their related role

● Strengthened cooperation between local authorities, civil society and citizens in the EU and Balkans

● Raised importance of international cooperation on democracy and participation
Action plan:
1st international event: explain the “rules of the game”
Local path phase 1: local exchanges and debates about the EU project and EU enlargement (what to invest)

2nd international event: partners will discuss the resources they can invest
Local path phase 2: local exchanges and debates about the EU project and EU enlargement (what to achieve by investing)

3rd international event: what the partners are willing to invest in and work on
International events:
01-03 December 2014 - Osijek, Croatia

10-12 April 2015 – Ravenna, Italy
(proposed new date 14-16/April)

31-02 September 2015 – Subotica, Serbia
Local path:
Each partner organizes local activities encompassing different methods and characteristics: the common aim is to multiply the effect at local level. Providing a platform for citizens to debate and reflect on EU and enlargement topics. In country with more then 1 partner, 1 is responsible for running the events and the others will contribute through raising citizens voice
Role of partners:
● Participation in international events

● Organisation of two local paths

● Contribution to dissemination, monitoring and evaluation of the project
● BET on EU website

● Publication: game book

● BET on EU logo
Finances - eligible costs:
● Incurred during the duration of the action

● Connected with the subject of the action

● Necessary for the implementation of the action

● Identifiable and verifiable
Finances - eligible costs (examples):
● Costs of staff - salaries

● Travel and subsistence allowances

● Costs of consumables amd supplies

● Experts fees

● Organisational costs of events, etc.
Finances - ineligible costs:
● VAT, unless the beneficiary can show that is unable to recover it according to the applicable national legislation (provide declaration)

● Debts

● Interests owed

● Costs covered by another action receiving a Union grant

● Currency exchange losses

● Return on capital
● Narrative report for local events

● Invoices for incurred costs
Media and online dissemination and info activites were organized:

–  BET on EU - Info template  –
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Inapoi la Proiecte
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