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CMIM - Comunitatea Montana Iezer-Muscel, com. Godeni, Pitesti - Arges
Who we are
The Mountain Community Iezer Muscel” Association is a non-governmental organization established in 2008 on the initiative of several municipalities from the mountain area of Muscel – Arges County.

It was founded through the collaboration of the public authorities and civil society to develop an international network using modern forms of cooperation specific to the actual state of development. In spite of being a new association “The Mountain Community Iezer Muscel” consists of 25 municipalities and mayors who are interested in achieving common objectives with other European countries through different EU Programmes.

The main objective of this association is to elaborate, promote and implement EU Programmes and projects in order to develop the economic, social and cultural potential in the mountain areas and in the rest of the region enhancing international exchanges of ideas, information and know-how, promoting green agriculture and biotechnology and preserving natural monuments and the most important creating links between citizens from different EU countries.

Our goal is to establish a network between municipalities from Romania and other European countries to elaborate common projects and create a bound with great benefits for everyone.

The association works closely with the local government institutions, stakeholders, national and international NGOs.
So far we have carried out several projects within the Europe for Citizens Programme as lead partner and project partners.

We are twinned with several regions from:

1. Italy
2. Bulgaria
3. Malta
4. Latvia
5. Downpatrick- Northen Ireland
6. Listowel – Republic of Ireland

The Mountain Community Iezer Muscel targets to develop new links through new twinning partnerships and strengthen the current relations between existing twinning partners and promote cooperation in the fields of culture, education, tourism, economy and local government, language and cultural exchanges, experiences and visits within the Europe for Citizens Programme and other EU Programmes.
About us
The Mountain Community Iezer Muscel Association is a non-governmental association dedicated to collaborate with central and local public administration authorities , and institutions, stakeholders, national and international NGOs.
Our mission
The main objective of the Association is to develop, promote and implement EU Projects in order to enhance the social, economic and cultural potential in the mountain areas, improving local economic potential promoting the image of mountains, promoting international exchange of ideas, information and knowledge, creating a great network between citizens and groups from different EU countries, conducting educational activities for environment and civil awareness, promoting organic farming, promoting green technologies , protection of nature heritage.

Diploma of intermunicipal and interregional partnership - Strasbourg 6th June 2014, MONTAIN COMMUNITY IEZER MUSCEL ASSOCIATION !
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